Crysis Wars Patch 1.5 lansat, trailer nou

de Mina Hutterer | 30 aprilie 2009

Electronic Arts si Crytek au lansat patch-ul 1.5 pentru modulul multiplayer Crysis Wars, care insoteste FPS-ul Crysis Warhead. Odata cu lansarea patch-ului, producatorii au prezentat si un trailer al noii harti - Ruins - oferite impreuna cu patch-ul 1.5.

DOWNLOAD CRYSIS WARS PATCH 1.5 PART 1 si PART 2 din sectiunea Download

Descarca varianta hi-res a acestui trailer din sectiunea Download

Crysis Wars include modurile de joc Instant Action, Power Struggle si Team Instant Action. Vezi mai multe imagini din Crysis Wars in galeria articolului.

Patch-ul 1.5 aduce urmatoarele modificari:

Bug-uri rezolvate:

# When spectating, buy menu won't switch tabs

# Occasional HUD buttons displacement

# Shoot + Zoom exploit with Sniper Rifle

# Potential renderer crash

# Score limit is correctly calculated in PowerStruggle

# Vehicle damage direction display

# Server crash when using last purchase to repeatedly buy vehicles


# Added health bar of player who just killed you

# Added automatic respawning in Instant Action/Team Instant Action, defaults to 20s after death

# Added new visual hit indicator asset - shows whether you hit a player or a vehicle

# Various messages for accessibility improvement

# Reworked options menu

# Added new map: Ruins


# Increased melee damage, and improved its consistency

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